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Steven Shafer

I've lived in Fort Collins since 2005. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in writing and rhetoric, I made the easy decision to stay here for the long term. 

In my professional life I've owned and operated a business, worked in the non-profit sector, I've been involved in several start-up companies, from online publishing to robotic gardening tech.


At the beginning of my story in real estate, my friend and Realtor, Danny Crisafulli,  taught me about the buying process and how real estate could change the lives of ordinary people. Being an ordinary person myself, I was intrigued. My wfie and I ended up buying a four-plex as a live-in investment for our first purchase, and my interest in this world continued to grow. In 2016, the opportunity arose to get my license and join Danny on his team, which was another very easy decision.


Today, our family of four—soon to be five—is still in love with this community and our life here. I work with the best people in the world, and together, we get to help dozens of people every year with big decisions in real estate that will impact their lives just as our decisions have impacted ours. We have never seen our job as sales, but as customer service. It's a gift and a privilege to get to do what we do. 

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