Steven Shafer

I was born in the Year of the Tiger, which seems better than, say, the Year of the Rat, though I've never investigated. In 1997 my family put down roots in Colorado after years of moving to and fro by order of the US military. Though already enjoying a successful after-school career in the production and distribution of pizza pies, I moved to Fort Collins for my accredited and non-accredited higher education in 2005. My degree is in English with a concentration in writing, which, as you can see, I am applying even as I type this sentence. And this one. But especially that last one, because any advanced writer knows when a good fragment is permissible.

The woman in the photo to the left is my wonderful and long-suffering wife, Maggie, sitting beside me on the banks of the Flathead River in Glacier National Park celebrating our anniversary. Our perfect day together would be an hours-long drive, talking, listening to an audiobook, lunch with friends in a small town cafe, mountain bike ride, jump in a lake, good cup of coffee, drive some more, somehow find ourselves in Mexico for a stroll and Tecate on the boardwalk before dinner in a plaza with live music and sharing a simmering molcajete with fresh camarones.

In my professional life I've been involved in the educational adventure that is owning and operating a business, and I've worked in several start-up companies, from online publishing to gardening technology. My interest in real estate grew after purchasing a rental property and becoming a landlord, and I obtained my real estate license. I'm passionate about serving people by addressing housing needs, helping investors make sound decisions, and being a small part of the positive impact this essential industry can have on entire communities when it is done right.