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Sam Hummel

I have called Fort Collins home since 2010 after moving a vast 10 miles North from Loveland where I was raised. Despite many urges to the contrary, I have remained in Fort Collins where my desire to leave has dwindled from slight to nonexistent. I love this place that is home to family, close friends, and friends who are basically family.


Just after graduating from CSU in 2014 with a degree in Civil Engineering, I boarded a plane to Delhi, India. I worked as an intern with Engineering Ministries International designing water and wastewater systems for new ministry facilities in the third world. After a brief season working as a barista at Harbinger Coffee, I signed on with Hines Inc.—a wonderful, family-owned and operated water resource and irrigation engineering firm in Fort Collins.


Around July of 2018, my older brother Ben expressed his interest in Real Estate investment and asked if becoming a licensed agent was something I had considered. A seed was planted and I quickly pursued my license which brings us to now.

I derive a lot of energy and joy from trail running, coffee & beer, cooking, playing ultimate frisbee and the seasonal Fort Collins basketball leagues as a member of the Water Hogs. In honor of my Father’s Ohio roots I pledge loyalty to the Cleveland sports franchises as well as THE Ohio State Buckeyes.

I’m passionate about real estate, as I ultimately find purpose in serving and acting in the best interests of others. My aim is to build a career around reverence for one of the most important aspects of a family’s life: The Home.


My faith in Jesus drives what I do.

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