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Frequently asked questions & worried worries:
  • Is it smart to buy right now? I keep hearing the market is changing.
  • How can I compete with all of the other buyers?
  • Where do I begin when it comes to getting home financing?
  • I'm worried about all of the unknowns that go along with buying a home.
  • How does it work to get help from family to buy?
  • Am I going to regret this and wish I'd kept renting?


"We would highly recommend Danny and Hoover as a realtor team. We were first-time home buyers, and Fort Collins is a tough market. Danny and Hoover helped us navigate the whole process, and we appreciated how candid they are with the pros and cons of a property. After looking at a plethora of houses, they really got to know us and what we were looking for in a house and a neighborhood. We ended up with the perfect home for us, in a wonderful community. Thanks to Danny and Hoover for everything!"

—Kristen S.

"Danny, Hoover, and Steve are a great team. I was thankful for their hands on approach in our first home buying process.They were available and responsive to all of our questions, hesitations, and concerns. We also gained an investment perspective on how to use our property in the future as a rental property. We are happy to say, we are now in our first home!! They also gave us recommendations of service professionals as we embarked on our first house. I also appreciated how they helped weed out properties that would not have been ideal for our situation. They had a good eye on what to look for in a quality home at an appropriate market price. We are so thankful for their insight, wisdom, and positive attitudes. We highly recommend working with them!"

—Katie F.

"My wife and I purchased our first home through the counsel and advice of Danny & Hoover. As a team, they worked together very well. I never experienced a miscommunication between themselves and I really appreciated the additional support, especially when we were trying to see homes as quickly as possible. Danny has a deep understanding of real estate as an investment and helped us craft a vision for our future in real estate. Hoover is gifted at explaining the real estate purchasing process and helped us stay on task with all of the details involved in the purchase. Overall, I was immensely pleased to have worked with Danny & Hoover!"

—Trevor T.


Home ownership is not for everyone.

That's something you don't hear everyday, especially from real estate agents, but it's the truth. Sometimes it's the right thing, but just not yet. And sometimes the time is ripe and it's simply a matter of clearing the hurdles. We help people figure out what is best for their situation today, and looking into their future.

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